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Aloha! This directory of links to culturally oriented websites is designed to provide our visitors with a guide for learning about the special culture of Maui Nui (the islands of Maui, Moloka`i, Lana`i and Kaho`olawe), to encourage respectful and sensitive tourism activity. Please enjoy these pages, and send any feedback or link updates or suggestions to

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Maui Nui Culture
General resources for learning about the rich Hawaiian culture in Maui Nui.

Mele a me Pila Ho`okani - Hawaiian Music
Nothing embodies the spirit of the islands like Hawaiian music. Listen via RealAudio or order CDs, and find out about concert schedules.

`Olelo - Hawaiian Language
Hawaiian language resources online, including tutorials and dictionaries to help you pronounce Hawaiian words accurately, and understand some basic phrases.

Meakanu - Hawaiian Plants
Plants, both endemic and Polynesian introduced, play essential roles in Hawaiian culture. Hawaii's high level of biodiversity also means it has many endangered species.

Holokai - Polynesian Voyaging
The ancient Polynesians arrived in Hawaii on double-hulled canoes, and now the art of voyaging has been renewed. These vessels, and the heritage they embody, are a source of great cultural pride.

Ea - Hawaiian Rights & Sovereignty
In 1993, the U.S. Congress and President Clinton officially apologized for the illegal overthrow of the internationally recognized constitutional monarchy of the Kingdom of Hawaii a century earlier, and today there is an active self-determination movement in Hawaii.

Kaho`olawe Island
To be managed as a Hawaiian cultural reserve for eventual transfer to a sovereign Hawaiian nation.

General Cultural Websites
Cultural websites for Hawaii in general - diverse resources for gaining a deeper understanding of Hawaii's host culture - past, present and future - to help you be a respectful and appreciative visitor.

Na Ki`i `Oni`oni - Videos
Videos on the history and culture of Hawaii.

Kukakuka - Discuss, Talk Story
Newsgroups, chat rooms, discussion areas and listservers provide an opportunity to interact with cultural practitioners and kama`aina (locals).

Na Papa Helu - Lists
One-way email lists you can subscribe to and receive information about various topics related to Hawaii and its culture.

Na Papa Kuhikuhi o Na Puke i Heluhelu `Ia - Bibliographies
Resources for further study of Hawaii and its culture and history, with sources to order books

Noi`i - Search Hawaii
If you can't find what you seek in the sites featured here, these directories, indices, search engines and other tools provide exhaustive listings of websites related to Maui Nui and Hawaii in general, in the areas of culture and other information.

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