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Nothing embodies the spirit of the islands like the music. The Hawaiian people have always excelled at integrating new forms of music into their own, creating many unique and diverse styles. The modern Hawaiian music scene is an active part of the overall cultural renaissance of the islands. Maui is the source of a number of leading musicians today, including Kealii Reichel, Willie K. & Amy K. Gilliom, and Hapa. On the web, you can listen via RealAudio and order CDs, along with learning about the music and finding out about concerts in Hawaii and abroad. What better way to get the feel of the islands before you visit, or to take home that feeling after your trip...

Hawaiian Music Guide
Organized index to all the Hawaiian Music Sites on the Web, and provides additional resources on Hawaiian Music

Nahenahe Net
Hawaiian music weblog updated regularly

Breeze of Hawaii
Live streaming Hawaiian music

Voice of Hawaii
Promoting and preserving Hawaiian Culture and Arts through education. On the "Hawaiian Hits Live!" channel, broadcast programming from the Traditional to the more contemporary "Island Music"

Hawaiian and Island music live from Lahaina, Maui

Active newsgroup with tour and release information and discussion on a range of Hawaiian music topics

Tropical DiscTropical Disc
"Maui's Finest Music Store" - Purchase Hawaiian music CDs online to get the feel of the islands before you visit, or to take home that feeling after your trip. - Hawaiian Music Island
"Largest online inventory of CDs from Hawaii," and Hawaiian music information resource

Hawaiian Music Store
"The World's Largest Hawaiian Music Store"

Hawaii BooksHawaii Books - Music and Hula
Reviews of selected Hawaiian music and hula books with links to for ordering


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