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A good way to prepare for a trip to Hawaii, or savor your memories, is to view videos on the history and culture of the islands, available via these web links.

Na Maka O Ka Aina
Na Maka O Ka 'Aina
Over 55 videos on Hawaiian culture, history, sovereignty, environment, land struggles, and the visual and performing arts. We Are Who We Were is their latest 1998 video for the centennial of the "annexation that never was."

Taking WaikikiTaking Waikiki - The Untold Story
A documentary that uses the historical record to reveal that the Waikiki we see today, which was once rich taro fields and fish ponds, was created based on a calculated plan by a group of Western businessmen intent on urbanizing Waikiki.

LindseyAnd Then There Were None
Former Miss Hawai'i Elizabeth Lindsey tells a personal and historical story of the Hawaiian race in this documentary film (website offers 3.9 MB Quicktime movie preview)

Hawaii's Last Queen
Hawaii's Last Queen
The American Experience on PBS TV
Aired Monday, January 27, 1997 - includes program transcript, teachers' guide, bibliography, and video ordering information.


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